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William Morris Posters and Prints

William Morris is one of the most iconic designers of the Victorian era. He is best known for his wallpaper and textile designs, which were characterized by their intricate patterns and rich colors. It is our understanding that his work is in the "Public Domain", which is why we make the posters and prints below free to download and sized for standard picture frames.

William Morris Trellis

"Trellis", William Morris wallpaper. Hand-block printed wallpaper. 1864.

Morris quickly developed a reputation for his stylish and original designs, and in 1862 he created his first wallpaper design, "Trellis".

William Morris Chrysanthemum

"Chrysanthemum", William Morris wallpaper. Pencil and watercolor on paper. 1877.

Morris' Chrysanthemum wallpaper is composed of repeating motifs of the flower, which creates a sense of movement and rhythm.

William Morris Pimpernel

"Pimpernel", William Morris wallpaper. Block-printed in distemper colors on paper. 1876.

In 1876, he released his "Pimpernel" wallpaper, which was so popular that it was reprinted several times over the next few years.

William Morris JasminePattern

"Jasmine Pattern", William Morris wallpaper pattern.

Morris began his career as a painter, but he soon turned to designing wallpaper and fabrics. His early work is characterized by its repeating patterns and bold colors.

William Morris Jasmine

"Jasmine", William Morris wallpaper. Block-printed in distemper colors on paper. 1872.

The winding stems of the jasmine plant served as a inspiration for many of Morris' designs. The stems anchor the overall pattern providing a sense of movement.

William Morris Honeysuckle

"Honeysuckle", William Morris textile. Printed textile on linen. 1876.

Morris' country home Kelmscott Manor with its gardens of roses, honeysuckle and passion flowers inspired this textile printed on linen. SEO firm

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