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Consulting Services: Detailed Website Evaluation

Our consulting services option is available for website owners and companies who want a detailed evaluation of their website as it compares to current industry standards, search engine optimization best practices, content marketing health and how it stacks up against its closest competitors as defined by the client.

Keyword Performance

Our detailed site evaluations include a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of your site's current search engine market position. Are you ranking for the right search queries? Is there low hanging fruit that could help you increase traffic to your site? What can you do to earn higher rankings for targeted queries? What queries rank well for your competitors? In addition to national market (and international as appropriate) we will drill down to the numbers in your local market.

Do Others Respect Your Authority?

Driving traffic to your site by links from well regarded websites helps establish your business as an expert in your market segment. We will take an in-depth look at your site's current backlinks as well as your competitors. Opportunities will be identified with recommended action items.

As we evaluate authority triggers within and without your site, we will complete an anchor text analysis to determine how well your current site conforms to keyword phrase support.

Meta and Schema Data Analysis

The further we remove ourselves from the initial launch of our website, the more likely we've lost some of our initial discipline by duplicating meta data, failing to add schema data as appropriate and including non-conforming data. Websites designed by utilize a meta database to prevent unwanted duplications missing meta tags or meta tags that are too long. Following our detailed analysis of your website, you may find you want to adopt slamdunkmarketing's meta data standards.

Speed Checkup

Mobile-first website design makes page-loading times a critical component of your site's overall search engine optimization plan. We will evaluate the load times for your site's pages and make recommendations based on performance.

Image Delivery

Images are the most likely design elements that slow web page rendering due to excessive size, missing web optimized image formats, requiring the browser resize images rather than delivering properly sized images for different screen sizes. We will carefully look at your site's image formatting and delivery as we evaluate your site. In this process we will also check for needless repetition of image alt tags, missing alt tags and determine if your site's alt tags are in-line with your content marketing plan and site optimization efforts.

Internal Link Audit

The length of time your website has been live since its last re-design generally equates to the number of links within your site that need to be checked and corrected. Usually the victim of overwhelmed marketing departments, misdirected and broken internal links may negatively impact your site's SEO.

Content Security Policy

One of the more challenging items on the website coding/design checklist is to implement a content security policy (CSP) that helps to protect your website from attack without making it too challenging for content creators to update the site. Our website evaluation will include an audit of your Content Security Policy and any recommendations for updates and/or implementation. SEO firm

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