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Custom Bootstrap 5 Cascading Styles: Colors

With's free Bootstrap 5 suite of tools, you can easily update Bootstrap 5's CSS to reflect your website / client's corporate color palette. Simply register each of the websites you manage, and then update the default colors to match your website's identity guide.

Customize Bootstrap 5 colors in minutes with four color families available for customization as we've done for the site (example below). Then download a custom Bootstrap 5 style sheet that reflects both your customizations and's streamlined version of Bootstrap 5 (v5.0.0-alpha1).

Palette Background Color Table Striped - Stripe Background Link/Hover Color Text Color Button Color
corp1corp1 Linktext-corp1
corp2corp2 Linktext-corp2
corp3corp3 Linktext-corp3
corp4corp4 Linktext-corp4
LightLight Linktext-light
DarkDark Linktext-dark