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Claude Monet Posters and Prints

Claude Monet is one of the most famous painters of all time, and his water lilies are some of his most iconic paintings. These works are characterized by their soft, dreamlike quality, and they are often seen as Monet's response to the stresses of modern life. In many ways, the water lilies represent a return to nature for Monet, and they offer a glimpse into his innermost thoughts and feelings. These paintings are truly unique, and they continue to captivate viewers to this day. Thanks to Claude Monet, water lilies will always be associated with beauty and tranquility.

Claude Monet Monet - Water Lilies

"Water Lilies", Claude Monet. Oil on canvas. 1906.

Monet's Water Lilies is one of a series of water lanscapes painted at his home in Giverny, France.

Claude Monet Monet - Bordighera

"Bordighera", Claude Monet. Oil on canvas. 1884.

In 1884, Monet spent nearly three months in Bordighera on the Italian Riviera near the border of Italy and France.

Claude Monet Monet - Cliff Walk at Pourville

"Cliff Walk at Pourville", Claude Monet. Oil on canvas. 1882.

The fishing village of Pourville, France enamored Monet in the Spring and Summer of 1882.

Claude Monet Monet - The Beach at Sainte-Adresse

"The Beach at Sainte-Adresse", Claude Monet. Oil on canvas. 1867.

Monet grew up in Saint-Adresse, a suburb of the port city of Le Havre in Normandy. He returned in the summer of 1867.

Claude Monet Monet- Water Lily Pond

"Water Lily Pond", Claude Monet. Oil on canvas. 1900.

In 1893, Monet built a pond with a Japanese-style wood bridge to his home in Giverny. Monet painted 18 similar paintings of the Water Lily Pond.

Claude Monet Monet - On the Bank of the Seine

"On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecourt", Claude Monet. Oil on canvas. 1868.

Painting of Monet's future wife, Camille Doncieux, sitting on an island in the Seine River near the town of Bennecourt. SEO firm

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