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Learn HTML

Resources to teach yourself how to become a website coder.

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language provides the basic building blocks for websites. It is the code that tells your web browser what your web page should look like and how the various elements of your website interact with one another.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is responsible for creating and managing HTML. The current standard for HTML is HTML5. It is the fifth full-version release of HTML standards.

Anyone who is responsible for adding content to a website whether via a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, Drupal, etc. or from scratch, should have a basic knowledge and understanding of HTML5. This gives you the means to tweak how content is presented by switching from the WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get) editor to editing the page in source code mode.

While it is not necessary for WordPress and Drupal website managers to know how to code in HTML and CSS, it certainly doesn't hurt! Having at least a basic understanding of these two languages can come in handy when you need to make small changes to your website that cannot be done through the WordPress interface alone. For example, let’s say you want to change the color of your website’s links from blue to green. Another common problem is the spacing on the page is just a bit off. Flipping over to HTML (Source Code) view gives you the opportunity to tweak the page layout via the code. If you know how to code in HTML and CSS, you can make these easy changes yourself without having to hire a developer or request help from someone else.

In addition, knowing HTML and CSS can give you a better understanding of how your website works "under the hood," so to speak. This knowledge can help you troubleshoot problems more effectively and make informed decisions about the design and functionality of your website.

There are more than 100 tags in HTML5. Fortunately, W3C has created a comprehensive online (free) resource that provides definition and usage of all tags with examples.

Learn HTML

Top 10 Online Resource for Learning HTML

  1. W3Schools

    W3Schools provides a free, self-pace tutorial to learn HTML. This is our favorite site hands-down!

  2. Codecademy

    Codeacademy offers its basic courses for free, but you may find that you're limited without investing in a paid-plan. Still, the rates are reasonable and a good source for one who wants to learn HTML online.

  3. Mozilla's MDN Web Docs

    Mozilla, the folk's that brought the world the Firefox web browser, has excellent resources for website managers and coders. Although an excellent resource, beginners may find learning HTML a little hard if they use this site first. Perhaps its best to start with the W3Schools tutorial first and come back here when you have a basic understaning of HTML.

  4. freeCodeCamp

    While W3Schools gets you started from lesson one, there's not always a lot of explanation included in the tutorial. freeCodeCamp provides a great deal of narrative as part of its teaching tool.

  5. SoloLearn

    SoloLearn requires that you setup an account to start its free HTML class. This may be a turn off - but if the first four options on this list do not appeal to you, you might want to give SoloLearn a try.

  6. ilovecoding

    If you like a mix of video, cheatsheets and reference material, the ilovecoding HTML course (free) may be right for you. Per the ilovecoding website, "clearly explained [HTML] concepts in short and to the point screencast videos, learn the fundamentals & build beautiful and professional websites. (Cheatsheets, references, and tools included.)"

  7. Scrimba

    Scrimba is another paid online course resource that offers its HTML and CSS courses free. You will need to create an account to participate.

  8. Tuts+ Code

    Our friends at Envato have included HTML and CSS classes as one of their searchable categories. Here you can find numerous resources - some free and some paid.

  9. Treehouse

    This is a paid service that offers an HTML and CSS class taught through a series of online videos.

  10. Khan Academy

    This is another free "learn HTML by video" course. Determining which video course that works for you is a matter of taste. Here we're giving you options so that you may quickly peruse some of the online courses available.

Best Resources in Oklahoma to Learn HTML Offline (In Person)

Oklahoma's Vo-tech system is a tremendous resource to upgrade any of your job skills, including HTML, CSS and basic website programming languages. The Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas are blessed with multiple Vo-tech centers that offer a variety of classes. The Vo-techs try not to overlap the classes that they offer, so if the first Vo-tech class schedule doesn't meet your needs, try another local Vo-tech.

Learn HTML via YouTube

Recommended YouTube Training Video

HTML Tutorial for Beginners: Creating the first web page by EJ Media (10 minutes)

Tip: in this tutorial they recommend using Notepad. We suggest before you start your journey learning HTML that you download the free tool Notepad++ as it will color code your HTML. Anytime Notepad or Wordpad is mentioned, use Notepad++ instead. SEO firm

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