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Content Marketing Drives Visitors to Your Website

Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your SEO arsenal. It's not enough to have a website. Your website needs to have value and provide a useful role for potential visitors. Too many sights regurgitate content found on countless other sites without adding something new. What is the value to the website visitor?

Presumably you are in a line of business for which you are passionate. Tell us about that passion in your own words. If you were at a local networking event, what information would you share with those you meet? What would you like those who visit your website or walk-in to your business know? How is your company unique? How do you and your employees impact your local community? What tools of your industry would be helpful to others? The amount of shared information within your company will provide a wealth of ideas for interesting, original content for your website.

Following the basic rules of a news article, content marketing should include the five W’s and H: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

The "Who" in content marketing is determining the target audience for the message. Content written for newbies will vary greatly from content written for seasoned professionals. Knowing who you are targeting with the messaging will help guide you as you compose it.

The "What" in content marketing is simply the subject matter of the message. What subject(s) can you provide a unique perspective or an engaging way of presenting the content that can help someone new to the subject comprehend the material?

The "When" in content marketing is the timeframe for which the article is valid and helpful content. Depending on the subject matter, the article may only be viable content for a specific timeframe – such as a post about an upcoming event. Other content, like a how-to article may serve for years as a useful resource.

The "Where" in content marketing is the vehicle that will carry your article. Are you posting the article to your website, to a separate blog or is it going to be delivered via social media? Where you will share your content drives messaging and content length.

The "Why" in content marketing is answered by considering whether the article or post ties into the overall messaging of your marketing plan. You might be an expert on fly-fishing. Posting an article about fly-fishing on a tire company website does not support the company’s marketing. Content marketing is an important tool within the company’s overall marketing plan.

The "How" in content marketing is the delivery method. Will this be a written article? Will this be an infographic or other graphic? Will this be a video? Will this be a song? The method by which you share your messaging will also help to determine the appropriate avenues by which to distribute the message.

As with all things in marketing, the first step is to have a Marketing Plan. Within the framework of your marketing plan, you’ll be able to setup a content marketing schedule that supports your company’s strategic goals.

If you're reading this, chances are you're looking for some help with your content strategy. That's where we come in! We specialize in helping businesses figure out what their target audience is and how to reach them effectively. We also offer a unique perspective on creating valuable resources that can help your business succeed. So if you're looking for help with your content strategy, feel free to contact us! We'd be more than happy to chat and see how we can help you out. SEO firm

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