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Coding for SEO
Code. Test. ReCode. Repeat.™

Bootstrap 5 Free Tools

Bootstrap 5 is currently in alpha release and represents a major step forward in the never-ending battle to speed up website page load times by eliminating jQuery from Bootstrap's required resources.

CSS Search

At we live in our Bootstrap CSS Search tool that makes it quick and easy to locate styles by searching by style name or functionality. As we design Wordpress, Drupul and other website themes and templates, we live in this tool to make sure we leverage Bootstrap without creating duplicate custom styles and functionality.

Bootstrap CSS Category Search
Another free way to search Bootstrap 5 CSS is to start your search by category. You can drill down to alerts, tables, text,

Streamlined Bootstrap 5 Search and Stylesheet

As well as a search tool for the original Bootstrap 5 CSS code, we've also made public our streamlined version of Bootstrap 5 in which we converted color styling to leverage data variables for easier design as well as grouping media styling together to reduce the size of the CSS file. Use Slamdunk Bootsrap Search to search and download our customized version of Bootstrap 5.

Customize Bootstrap Colors

Use our free custom cool tool along with our customized version of Bootstrap 5 to add your corporate colors to your own custom version of Bootstrap 5. To customize Bootstrap 5 CSS colors for each website you manage, login to our free coder portal (first-time users, register here).