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Every project starts with a plan.


Include in any Marketing Plan your company's vision / mission statement. Your vision statement should be clear, concise and serve as a touch point serving as the measure by which to rate all interactions. Think of your vision statement as your company's "Golden Rule."

Marketing Plan Step 1: Vision

Core Values

Core Values are the foundation on which your company builds the team and tools to achieve its vision statement. Core Values serve as guidelines to keep your company on track to living up to/achieving its vision statement.

Marketing Plan Step 2: Core Values

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT Analysis (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats) looks at both internal and external factors that influence current and future success. This is a time to honestly assess your customers, industry, competition, community and your team.

Marketing Plan Step 3: SWOT Analysis

Business Objectives

Business Objectives are both short-term and long-term goals providing the stepping stones to achieving your company's strategic goals. Each Business Objective needs support from one or more programs and/or initiatives that have measurable goals and clear timeline.

Marketing Plan Step 4: Business Objectives


Your Marketing Plan creates the framework by which you'll market your products and services to your various target audiences. The plan includes positioning, pricing strategies, marketing vehicles, training, budget, schedule, expectations and methods of evaluation.

Marketing Plan Step 5: Strategy


Make an honest assessment of your team's availability and skillset to determine if your company has the internal resources to implement your marketing plan. If part or all is to be outsourced, utilize Request for Proposals (RFPs) to select any necessary vendors.

Marketing Plan Step 6: Assignments


Strategic implementation of your marketing plan includes A B Testing to fine tune messaging, design and applications before a full-scale launch. A staged launch of your campaign gives you additional opportunities to make additional tweaks based on real-time results.

Marketing Plan Step 7: Implementation


Evaluation begins immediately following the first implementation of each marketing vehicle. Tracking engagement via clicks, phone calls, visitors, likes, followers and sales are among key marketing metrics that help you begin to determine your marketing return on investment (ROI).

Marketing Plan Step 8: Evaluation

Mobile First Design

Engaging content, killer graphics, stunning photos and fast - super fast. There's no excuse for compromising quality to optimize your website for slow data neworks. UX design without compromise™.



  • Mobile-first design is all about speed. The faster you make your site, the better experience visitors will have when accessing it on the go. If you're not scoring in the green on Google's PageSpeed Insights, code again.
PageSpeed Test
ADA Friendly


  • Maximize the impact of your site by making its content accessible. Use the WAVE Accessibility Evaluation to find ways to imporove website accessibility. If your site has more than a few errors, code again.
Accesibility Test
Structured Data


  • Structured data provides additional information to search engines that enhance search results sharing your content in a way that makes it easy to crawl and display. If your site's data isn't warning free, code again.
Test Schema Data

Mobile-First Website Performance Metrics

How do you know if your website utilizes Mobile-First Design?

Mobile-first design is a buzz word because it's now the priority PageSpeed performance measurement provided by Google through its Lighthouse engine. Utilizing Google's PageSpeed and Mobile-friendly tests provides benchmark measurements for your website's "mobile friendliness."

What role does Lighthouse play in Mobile-First web design?

Google Lighthouse is the engine behind Google's PageSpeed Insights that analyses web apps and pages providing real-time performance metrics and action opportunities to improve website performance. Website testing services throughout the web utilize Lighthouse to provide performance metrics of the websites analyzed.

What is First Contentful Paint?

First Contentful Paint refers to the time it takes the browser to display the first text or image on your web page. This is one of six metrics Lighthouse uses to grade your site's performance. One of the most common culprits causing sites to fail this metric is webfonts.

What is Speed Index?

Speed Index measures how quickly your site visitor can see your web page's content when they visit the page. This makes a huge impact on your website's overall user experience. It is a performance metric that can make or break keeping a visitor on your website.

What is Largest Contentful Paint?

Largest Contentful Paint is the time it takes for the largest image or text block to become visible to the web page visitor. This includes images and text visible to the visitor before scrolling down for more content.

What is Time to Interactive?

Time to Interactive is basically how fast the web page's features are fully interactive to your site's visitor. This means anything on your site that reacts when the visitor touches it (clicks on it) or types into form fields works without delay.

What is Total Blocking Time?

Total Blocking Time measures how quickly your web page accepts user input, including screen taps, mouse clicks and keyboard typing. This web page performance metric impacts your page's Time to Interactive performance metric.

What is Cumulative Layout Shift?

Cumulative Layout Shift measures any unexpected movement to your web page's layout that impacts the page's visual stability. To the site visitor, layout shifts detract from the web page often resulting in jerky movements that moves text, images, buttons and more. SEO firm

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